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Have You A Home Based Business Dream – Then Make It A Reality.
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January 16, 2010      Home Based Business

Fortunate are those who have a Dream and if you happen to be one of those who has an Internet Home Based Business Dream then don’t let it lie dormant and ultimately disappear from the realms of reality. Start activating your Dream and lay the foundations to make your Dream come true and establish yourself as an Internet Marketer.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe”–Anatole France.

Today’s lifestyle keeps every moment of your life involved in activities both productive and unproductive that dreaming has become a luxury. Dreaming is not the preserve of the rich and the mighty and in fact you are on a level playing field. It is when you try to make your dream a reality that you find that the levels are not the same. The wealth and experience of your competitors are factors that you have to contend with. Take courage from the fact that they too were just like you a few years ago. It is their Passion and Commitment that has taken them to where they are. It is now your turn to play the game like your predecessors and achieve your goal.

Stay focused on your Internet Home Based Business Dream and work with Passion, Commitment, Persistence and Dedication. Do not vacillate, work with determination and motivate yourself to achieve success. Frustrations and disappointments will be part of the scenario especially at the early stages but keep in mind that for you, failure is no option.

Dissociate from people who are negative thinkers. They will sabotage your dream, discourage and drown you in a sea of fear and failure. The investment involved in starting your Internet Home Based Business is so small compared to that of a brick and mortar business that the question of risk or failure should not in anyway dampen your enthusiasm.

Acquiring knowledge is one aspect of the strategy to succeed. Read articles relevant to your field. There are excellent article directories in the internet that have articles written by experts on a vast range of topics. Visit Google and search for “Article Submission Sites”. These articles can guide, inspire and motivate you to achieve your goal.

An easy and quick way of starting a Free Home Based Business is to become an Affiliate of one of the popular affiliate programs that fit into your scheme of things. There are several leading Affiliate Program providers such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, Link Share and ClixGalore who provide a whole range of Affiliate Programs to choose from. In addition to this there are several Affiliate Programs promoted by leading individual organizations such as the famous Amazon.com and Strong Future International. Many of these Affiliate Programs provide their affiliates with Free Tools, Tips and even Websites to get started. Having your own personal website will definitely be advantageous.

Managing your time is another important aspect. Allocate about two hours a day for your dream business. You might have to sacrifice watching some of your favorite TV programs and perhaps some social activities. Success, Fame and Glory does not come easily. There is no substitute for hard and dedicated work. Do not swallow the bait of “Get Rich Quick” scheme advertisements that flood the internet promising thousands of dollars overnight! Ignore them and focus on your objective.

The help and advice of a knowledgeable friend or that of a Mentor can certainly hasten your progress towards the achievement of your objective.

Associate yourself with people who have a positive outlook of life. Get close to dreamers who have made their dreams a reality. These are the people who can inspire you to achieve your dream and make it happen. Believe in yourself. Believe in your Dream. Activate your Internet Home Based Business Dream now and make your dream a reality.

Copyright © 2005 Kanaga Siva

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com

Kanaga Siva has a wealth of experience in Marketing and also running his own Home Based Business. He now operates his Internet Marketing Business. For Articles, Resources, Ideas and Advise to start a Home Based Business and for other recommended Programs, visit his website, www.business-fromhome

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Keep it Business, Not Personal
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January 16, 2010      Home Based Business

Managing a small corporation, as well as having a home-based business myself, I have learned how important it is to keep personal and business matters separate. Not only does it make life less confusing, it can also save you money on your taxes.

The first thing I recommend is to open a separate checking account just for your business. Use this account to deposit all self-employment income. Do NOT use this account for wages received from an employer. This account needs to be totally separate. You will pay all your business related expenses solely from these funds. When you pay business expenses from your personal account, it is much more difficult to accurately track how much money you are spending for your business. And, missed expenses could mean missed tax deductions!

The other suggestion I have is to open a credit card specifically for your business expenses. Make sure you choose a card that suits you and your business well: i.e. cash back, travel rewards, etc. Use this card for all your business purchases and of course, make payments to it with your new business checking account.

Last but not least, I recommend purchasing some form of accounting software. It doesnÂ’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, just a place for you to enter your income and expenses for your business. Even a very simple program can provide you with financial reports demonstrating your companyÂ’s profitability, as well as help you to set a budget. Most programs also give you the option to print reports that aid in tax preparation.

As with any other financial decision, I highly recommend you meet with an accountant or tax preparer on an annual basis at the very least. He/She will be able to direct you in the best ways to make the most of your hard earned money. But remember, the harder you work at keeping your business and personal records separate, the easier it will be for your accountant to help you.

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com

Jennifer Tarzian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She is proud to be a stay-at-home mom. For valuable information on credit scores, debt consolidation, and how to find the best credit card, visit creditcards.youngparentsmagazine.com/ And donÂ’t forget to check out JenÂ’s parenting resource at www.youngparentsmagazine.com

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Is Drop Shipping a Realistic Way to Make Money Online?
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January 16, 2010      Home Based Business

Drop shipping, for those who are unfamiliar with it, is a system whereby you promote the products of a particular manufacturer, take orders directly, and the manufacturer/source handles all the inventory and fulfillment functions for you.

In a nutshell, here is the drop-ship system:

==> You generate and accept the order.
==> You take your profits out of the sale price.
==> You forward the order and the wholesale cost to the drop shipper.
==> The source factory ships directly to your customer.

The benefits of this arrangement are probably obvious: No inventory cost to you.

* Substantially higher profits to you over what most regular affiliate programs allow.
* The ability to quickly set-up inexpensive, highly targeted, niche or mini-sites to test and promote diverse products.

This process has been around for years and has been responsible for many highly successful mail order dealer relationships in the past. Many of the top catalogers and other direct response marketers, have been using this system to increase profits for decades. If you have ever ordered a high priced item from a mail order catalog and been told that the product was being shipped from the factory… then you have experienced drop shipping first hand.

Drop shipping is, I believe, a virgin un-tapped storehouse of profits for todays internet marketer.

On-line directories exist which reveal essential contact information for drop shippers of over 2,000,000 products and 4,000 brands. Most legitimate drop ship sources will require that you have a state tax reseller number in order to approve you to sell their products and give you the wholesale pricing you are looking for.

Beware of any drop ship source which requires you to pay a fee in order to become a drop-ship dealer… or requires a membership. These are generally organizations which make their money selling “drop ship licenses”… and are, for the most part, scams. Legitimate drop shippers and factory sources never charge you any fees other than the actual shipping costs of the products you sell.

Another caveat… always make sure that you have a written agreement with the source factory that you own the customer! The factory or drop ship source should agree in writing not to solicit your customers in any form. This is very important to you. Your customer list is one of your most important assets. If the factory you are dealing with balks at this request… use another source who will agree.

Almost every conceivable type of product is available from a drop shipper willing to ship products in single units under your companies name. Pick your interest area… electronics, consumer products, agricultural & industrial products, office equipment & supplies, hobby gear, recreational / sporting goods, clothing, furniture, etc. The list of available products from drop shippers is almost endless.

The products actual source is invisible to the consumer. The seller (you) is able to build a database of customers that he/she owns and controls (by agreement with the manufacturer) and has all the direct marketing advantages that accompany that arrangement… while eliminating the need for maintaining expensive inventory.

This arrangement offers maximum flexibility and cost savings for the seller. If a product does not sell well online you can pull the advertising (web page or mini-site) instantly with very little cost to you outside of the actual time it took to build and test the web marketing effort. Or, since this type of page/mini-site is so inexpensive to maintain and host… you can simply leave the pages online and take whatever orders trickle through… while you move on to the testing and promotion of new drop ship products.

The manufacturer benefits from this relationship by gaining a legion of active marketers promoting their products… at little or no cost (other than those small costs involved with supporting the marketer with online marketing materials like product images, sales materials, etc).

As a marketer you are looking for several key components in developing the drop-ship relationship with a source factory or distributor:

* High Quality Products
* Blanket Product Liability Insurance (if applicable)
* A clear guarantee and return policy
* High Quality Marketing Materials … product images (gifs, jpegs, etc.), selling copy, other suitable web graphics, etc.
* A Customer Service Department that will work with you to develop the best selling situation for you.

If you are a manufacturer seeking to expand distribution (or an inventor with a new product ) you will find the willingness to drop ship in single units will give you a strong competitive edge while you carve out increased market share at little cost.

If you are an online marketer interested in offering high profit products to your niche market (your website visitors) without incurring high front-end development or inventory costs… then drop shipping is for you.

Internet marketers are uniquely positioned to take profitable advantage of the drop ship arrangement and should give this system a serious look.

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com

Kevin Nobleman has researched and uncovered numerous scams in the corrupt online drop ship industry. He has written special articles to help people avoid drop ship scams. With five years of experience in the online drop ship industry, Kevin has discovered over two dozen legitimate drop ship companies, wholesalers, independent suppliers and buyer/seller communities he would encourage you to do business with. He provides this report in a valuable information package on his website, Wholesale Drop Shipping Scams Revealed

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A Short list of Points before Starting a Home Based Small Business
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January 16, 2010      Home Based Business

Home based Small Business – An Alternative Career

Starting a home based small business is like living an American dream where money making and living a desired lifestyle is the best of anything.

A small home business does not mean something totally new. We have been doing this job since childhood. Our small jobs included babysitting, delivering newspaper, tutoring, etc. But once we become adults, our aspirations change, dreams change, demands multiply, hence, we have to strategically plan a right kind of home based small business.

We have all been brought up with great corporate dreams. That way we are conditioned and educated – to live a life with corporate benefit packages. Recently, there has been a shift from corporate dreams to having oneÂ’s own, may be a small business. Because, freedom of work is as important as the monetary benefits.

Today, we prefer to a proprietor being self-employed. Late hours, official compulsions and job dissatisfactions leads many of us to something on our own. Besides personal difficulties, as adults we have to oblige our family also. We need to be with our spouse, kids, other members of our family, and friends.

Home business industry is booming fast at the rate of 17% annual growth. But, it is not free from scams as majority of home based small businesses run via internet. It is prone to be abused. Recently, safety and security of the online home based businesses are strengthened by various affiliate programs and laws.

Things to Consider before Starting a Small Home Based Business

• Type of Business: Thousand are the ways of life. Which one would you choose? Really difficult. Jot down your likes, dislikes, experience and assets. Rough plan the possible number of small businesses.
• Time Factor: Your own home business definitely provides your flexible timings which is not possible in working in a corporate office. Still you are in the difficulty in choosing one from full-time and part time home businesses. You can schedule your work hours after considering all your household activities and business requirements.
• The Budget: Well, you are going to start a small home based business. But, how small, or for that matter how big is your small business? Nature of your home business and the amount of capital you have, determine your future course. As per your standing, you will plan startup costs, obtain loan or invite a partner.
• Research: Reading this piece of literature shows that you are interested in home businesses, and you have some idea regarding the your kind of business. But the first to investigate and research different home based businesses. You can definitely search internet for that purpose.
• The Plan: Planning is the final sketch. It might consist of the course of actions, description of the service/product, and the volume of business as per your qualification and capabilities.
• Putting into Action: After you have completed your plan. Activating the plan and its success is dependent on foundation of plan. In case you might not act properly, solid plan will save you from potential losses and/or setbacks.

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com

The author Alice Nero is a home business owner since 20 years and now offers home based business ideas.

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Home Based Business Success
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January 16, 2010      Home Based Business

Building a successful home business IS possible, if the recipe for success contains the right ingredients!

With so many opportunities available for the home business entrepreneur, it’s hard to decide where to start.

It takes a few key ingredients to be successful with your home based business, these ingredients will make your income rise…

1. You must have a solid company, a lucrative pay plan with no hurdles to jump each month so that you are not restricted in compensation in any way.

2. A product that is consumable, that will be used each and every month so that you have repeat business, a long term customer base will produce a long term residual income.

3. A mentor or coach, who can support you both Online and Offline to grow your business quickly and efficiently.

4. A team of like minded individuals to support you during your first few months of learning how to build your business. Friendly support and encouragement from others who are also building the business will help you as you initially grow your business until you become a mentor yourself.

5. Marketing tools, such as a free online marketing system to market to your potential customers, working for you 24 hours 7 days a week. Online training resource center, with information about your business that will help you grow.

6. Training Calls, either teleconferencing or online conferencing where you can connect with your team for support or bring new prospects to grow your business.

All these key ingredients are required to build a successful home business, however, the MOST important ingredient is YOU!

If you are not willing to invest the time needed to learn, market, and build, your home business will never grow.

Set your hours, set your goals, stick to them and If you add all the above ingredients, including you, together… watch your income rise!

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com

LND Marketing, an internet marketing team, successfully mentoring and training home-based business seekers generate a secondary income from the comfort

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How To Make Money With Your Own Virtual Assistant Business
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January 16, 2010      Home Based Business

So you want to start your own virtual assistant business. Great! I assume you want to start your own VA business not only to own your own business, but also to make money. More and more businesses are outsourcing and paying VAÂ’s, and there is no reason why you canÂ’t be one of them.

YouÂ’ve got your business name, all the office equipment you need, and youÂ’ve got the determination to make your business a success. So now the big question is, how do you go about finding clients?

What Type of Services Will You Provide?

We all have certain areas where our talents and interests lie. You have so many choices as to what areas you want to special in. ThereÂ’s a good chance you already have experience in some of the specialty areas. Maybe you donÂ’t even realize all of the areas VAÂ’s are working in.

HereÂ’s just a small sampling of the services you could offer:

Writing services (technical or creative)
Proofreading and editing, research (online or traditional)
Bill paying
Simple website design
Newsletter distribution
Reminder services
Event planning
Concierge services
Data processing/data management
Desktop publishing
Transcription services
Mail and email services
Telephone/fax services
Internet services
Purchasing services
Marketing services
Personal services

Once you know the types of services you are going to offer, itÂ’s time to find you some clients.

What to Charge

It isnÂ’t too hard to figure out what to charge. Start by contacting local support service businesses in your area. Ask them if they can send you a price list. Get several of these to learn what everyone else is charging. You donÂ’t want to charge too much and you donÂ’t want to under price yourself so you look like you donÂ’t do great work. Find the happy medium and go with that amount. Prices are not set in stone. If you have to change your prices down the road, so be it.

Get Some Business Cards

If you want to look professional, make sure you get your business cards right away. You never know when you might meet someone who needs the services youÂ’re offering. When that time comes, all you need to do is pull out your card and hand it to them. Never be without your business cards!

Here are some great sites where you can get business cards from free to as low as $10 for 250 cards.

http://www.vistaprint.com (Click on FREE business cards)
(Try them out for free)

Tell Your Circle of Friends and Family About Your Business

Since you already have a relationship with your family and friends, donÂ’t forget to tell them about your new VA business. While your brother might not need your services, thereÂ’s a good chance that he might know someone who does. You can start networking right away with those you already know.

Think about designing a letter or oversized postcard about your service and send it to everyone you know. Maybe even include a picture of yourself, the name of your business, the services you offer and ask that if they canÂ’t use your service, to please recommend your business to others who might. If you send a letter, include a couple of your business cards for passing on to your possible clients.

Send Out Press Releases

A press release is a great way to start your business off with a bang. I want to mention here though that a press release is not something you just send out when you open your business. IÂ’ll talk more about this a little later.

Here are some great places to find press release tips and templates:


Where to send your press releases:

- Local Newspapers
- Local Business Publications
- Local Radio Talk Shows
- Local TV News Stations

Online sites to send your press release for free:

PrWeb is free and you can pick what area you want your press release
to be distributed to.

Other reasons to send out a press release:
· You’re offering a new service
· Launching a website for your business
· You’ve won a high profile client account or contract
· You’ve had an unusual challenge or adversity and overcome it; especially when others thought it couldn’t be done.
· You participate in a fundraising event or you are to serve in a charitable organization.
· You’re offering or sponsoring a workshop, seminar, or conference
· If you’re changing the company name, location, web address, or product name

IÂ’m The Answer to Your Problem

Convincing your future clients that they should hire you might seem a little scary at first. But once you build more clients, and they start telling you what a godsend you are, your confidence level is going to soar.

Here are some convincing ideas to considerÂ…

- Tell your future client why they need you. Maybe you work odd hours, or you have very reasonable rates. Go over the services you offer and why you are so good at what you do.

- Explain to the client what skills you possess, your background, and your education.

- You can help your client catch-up on a backlog of work that other employees arenÂ’t able to get to.

- You offer reduced costs and expenses for your client. They donÂ’t have to pay you benefits or sick time.

- You will help their business grow with your marketing techniques.

- Thanks to the technology that is currently available, using your services will save the client money. Explain that you reduce overhead. They only pay you for work completed. They arenÂ’t paying someone if there is no work to do. Plus your client doesnÂ’t have to pay for sick or holiday time, or for health benefits.

It wonÂ’t be long until youÂ’re confidence, strong and bright, shines through. You wonÂ’t have any problems explaining to a future client that you are the right person for the job, or that you are the solution to their problems.
So What Are You Waiting For?
Making money in a virtual assistant business can be done. Full time VAÂ’s are making about $38.000 a year. This year, why canÂ’t that VA be you?
For more information about this business visit: http://www.bizymoms.com/cart/careers/va_kit.html

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com

Liz Folger is the founder of www.bizymoms.com. Bizymoms.com is the leading online resource for work-from-home ideas. The site offers home-based business start-up kits, online classes, e-books, chats and enthusiastic support for moms who want to have it all – a family and a career. Visit www.bizymoms.com for more information.

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Start A Home Based Company – Make Money Working From Home
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January 16, 2010      Home Based Business

The internet has created numerous opportunities for home-based businesses. It is now possible to start your own company in your home and earn a steady income. Entrepreneurs have become very successful in a short period of time due to the worldwide marketplace created by the internet. If you are thinking of starting a home based company, there are several directions you can take and many profitable business ventures that you may want to take advantage of.

A home-based business is built upon a foundation of hard work and good planning. Once you have decided which type of business is right for you, you will need to build your customer base. Regardless of what type of product or service you are marketing, a reliable customer base is the key to your success. In order to keep your customers informed and aware of your services, communication is critical. You will want to keep in contact with your customers and potential customers regularly and reliably. You can do this through the use of a newsletter, blog, or mailing list. It is also very important that you respond to emails promptly. You will need to know who is contacting your company and respond to them immediately.

An autoresponder can do wonders for your business and your ability to track and keep in regular contact with those who visit your web site. You will be able to add your own leads, create custom HTML and text messages, and create subscriptions easily. An autoresponder can reply instantly to inquires and send messages to your mailing list at intervals set by you personally. Many autoresponders are available for a fee, but the fact is you can get a great autoresponder loaded with features absolutely free. You will instantly be able to communicate with your customer base and interested individuals in a highly effective, reliable manner. Check into the various autoresponders available to you and choose the one that offers you the most for the least amount of money – or better yet, for free.

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com

You can now sign up for a FREE Autoresponder account. We’ll Give You Autoresponders To Automate Your Follow-up, Increase Your Sales and Drive Your Profits into Overdrive! 100% FREE! Sign up for your Free Autoresponder at: www.freefollowup.com

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Home Computer Business Opportunities – Make Money Working From Home
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January 16, 2010      Home Based Business

If you are interested in a home-based business, there have never been more opportunities available than now. The rapid expansion of the internet has created a multitude of online businesses and work you can do from home on your personal computer. It is possible to make a steady income from working in your own home, at your own pace, and set your own schedule. The type of business you choose is important. You will want to choose a home-based business that offers products or services that are in demand, and will continue to be in demand.

Along with choosing a business opportunity that is profitable, another important factor in successfully operating a home business is keeping in touch with your clientele. Keeping your customers updated about your products and /or services is imperative if you are going to operate a successful business from your home. An autoresponder is the easiest way to send your clients and potential clients important information about your business, and the best part is that an autoresponder is completely automated. You will be able to contact your subscribers and interested parties automatically, and respond to emails instantly.

Your customers will appreciate that fast responses and you will enjoy the many features and functions an autoresponder can perform. The internet marketplace is highly competitive and if you want to succeed, you must respond to inquiries quickly and have a system in place to follow up with potential clients as well as established customers. A home computer business can provide you with a great income and the freedom you desire. Make sure you have a way to stay in frequent contact with current and future customers. An autoresponder can help you succeed in your home computer business ventures.

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com

You can now sign up for a FREE Autoresponder account. We’ll Give You Autoresponders To Automate Your Follow-up, Increase Your Sales and Drive Your Profits into Overdrive! 100% FREE! Sign up for your Free Autoresponder at: www.freefollowup.com

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Decision Making In A Home Based Online Business (1)
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January 16, 2010      Home Based Business

Why is Decision Making Important?

This is the first in a series of short articles on decision making, as it may affect the progress, or otherwise, of your home based online business. The main purpose of the articles is to get you thinking, more than you might have done, about decisions that affect your business. It is not possible in short articles to cover what is really an endless subject, but I hope by the end of the series you will be more conscious of the decisions you make which may affect:

1.The profitability of your online business.

2.The scope for expansion.

3.Your efficiency.

4.The productive use of your time.

5.Your family.

6.Your enjoyment of working online.

plus many other aspects of working at home online, in your own business.

Why is decision making important? You only need to consider that for a moment to realize: that it is a dumb question. From the moment you wake, you are passing through a series of tens of thousands of little decisions. You are not very aware of most of them, they are routine, semi or sub-conscious decisions. Any one of those “little” decisions could have a major influence on the future path of your life.

For example, you are in a hurry and decide to cross the road at a certain point. A car comes hurtling around the corner, and knocks you into the air. Thankfully you are still alive after you land, but are taken to hospital and are there for a couple of weeks, at one point in Intensive Care. You are employed, but your employer is not sympathetic, will not pay you, and for a few days you lie there worrying about losing your job. You have no insurance, so how will you pay the bills?

Was crossing the road at that point, at that time, a bad decision? On the face of it, yes, it was stupid to say the least. But what if, in the two weeks in hospital, you fall in love with a nurse? Later, you marry and have several wonderful children? Was that still a bad decision, crossing the road then and there?

Not only did you meet your future spouse, the person in the next bed turned out to have some good business ideas they wanted to put into practice. You got chatting about them as your condition started to improve. The two of you found you saw eye to eye on lots of things, and it was clear that you would both benefit from the synergy of working together on a business project. The other person had the ideas and money in place, but needed you as a partner to take it forward. When you were both fit and well again, he subsidized you while the business was set up. It prospered, and within months you were earning 4 times your previous income. Was that still a bad decision, crossing the road then and there?

That is fiction, but is it unrealistic fiction? No. There are probably many thousands of very similar stories. And there are countless millions of true stories about seemingly little decisions that have altered the course of peopleÂ’s lives.

What I have been referring to are almost random events. I say “almost” because the decision to cross the road was not random. An adult crossing the road like that had sufficient information to make a correct decision. They did not make use of their knowledge and information. As decision making goes, it was a bad decision, regardless of what random events followed.

Making decisions in your every day business needs to be more focused, more scientific, and much more aware, than you may have been used to in your life as an employee. Most of us have, at some stage, passed through a zombie like existence of repetition, working for a company or other organization. It may even be that you have had little scope to make decisions other than when and where to cross the road, what to eat for dinner, what to watch on tv, and what to wear today. Now, though, with your own online business, there is massive scope for making key decisions, every day. How you do that will have a serious impact on the future of your business.

I believe that just by being more conscious of your decisions, your business will benefit, and so will you. Relying on the business equivalent of crossing the road at the wrong time, meeting the love of your life and your perfect business partner, is not an option if your are serious about your business. You cannot rely on random events, although undoubtedly some random events will affect you in the future. Business is often a percentage game, and you want to make decisions that tilt the odds in your favour.

Decision making in business is about bringing together as much relevant information as possible, in a structured and understandable way, and consciously reviewing that information before arriving at a decision. It is about assessing possible outcomes, probabilities, future trends, past experiences and all other relevant factors. Ignoring those factors may not put you in hospital, but would harm your business.

I will cover elements of business decision making in future articles. In the mean time, if you are in search of a new loved one and business partner, please do not step out in front of a car. Your local hospital may not be the place where they are currently waiting for you.

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com

Roy Thomsitt is the owner, webmaster and author of www.change-direction.com , a website in about working online in a home based business. He has a background in offline advertising, with practical experience of working from home in marketing since 1995, plus 2 years of experience with online marketing.

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A Process For Selecting Your Work At Home Business Opportunity
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January 16, 2010      Home Based Business

By Kirk Bannerman

It was back in 2001 when I started looking for viable work at home opportunities. It was a time consuming process, but in retrospect, I give myself a pat on the back every month when I cash the check from my home based business. The primary purpose of this article is to perhaps help others make their selection with a little less time and effort than I had to expend.

Having spent many years running traditional “bricks and mortar” type businesses, I didn’t buy for one second the numerous heavily hyped, or worse yet, scam operations that touted the instant and fantastic riches that could be achieved (often with little or no effort required). While doing my research as to which business I would eventually pursue, this type of claim became an instant
trigger for me to move on to check out some other “opportunity”.

I mean, give me a break, if those claims were close to being true, why would they share their “secret” with anyone else? They would just execute their “magic system” and in short order would have made all the money that exists in the world…yeah, right!

In the course of my investigations, a few other natural filters surfaced to help me narrow down the realistic and legitimate opportunities from among the far too numerous unfounded offers. Early on, I determined that the “get in on the ground floor” offers were essentially smoke. After all, if I wanted to take a chance on the lottery, I would have purchased a ticket. Because of my business management experience, it soon became clear to me that three of the primary factors that would influence my choice would be:

*successful longevity (how long has this particular company been successfully doing business?)

*reasonable income expectations touted by the top management of the company offering the opportunity.

*support systems and training resources available to help the participants succeed.

One thing that really struck home with me was a statement made by the founder of the company that I eventually selected for my home based business. It went something like the following:

“Hardly a day goes by that I donÂ’t hear from an affiliate questioning why he or she is not seeing a big check yet. More times than not, the person asking hasnÂ’t even been involved for more than 90 days and is only barely beginning to even understand how the whole system works. And frankly, even if the number was six months, itÂ’s still much too early to be expecting a significant income stream to have developed.

I always say that if youÂ’re not willing to give a business at least a year, donÂ’t even bother getting involved. You need to understand that it takes time to get to know all the nuances of the compensation plan. It takes time to determine which products you want to lead with. It takes time to develop a game plan. It takes time to figure out what marketing activities deliver the biggest bang for the buck. Anything worthwhile takes sustained effort. If youÂ’re not thinking long term, youÂ’ve set yourself up for failure.”

To sum it up, the selection process should focus on reality (there is no “magic” in home based businesses) and reject any so-called “opportunities” that seem too good to be true.

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